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Weekly Retrospective #9

Welcoming our beta release! ✅

We would like to announce that all our intensive work and focus resulted in the beta release which will be available for testing by everyone, using our Web and iOS applications.

Web Application🎦

The Web application can be accessed online via a specific subdomain on gohelpfund.com, which we will announce during the week-end.

iOS Application📶

The iOS application can be accessed via TestFlight which is the testing environment provided by Apple for beta apps, before they get into the App Store. You need an iPhone and an e-mail address to provide for us, in order to receive the invitation.

Platform API 🔀

We have implemented our API using the RESTful paradigm to its full extent, using HATEOAS and HAL.

Platform DevOps🔛

Using Docker as our containerization tool, together with Amazon Elastic Container Service, we have now fully functional environments such as Local, Dev(elopment), Prod(uction). With this setup in place, we can now release features and iterate much faster in implementing, testing and delivering the business requirements to the end-users.

Weekly Retrospective #9
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