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Weekly retrospective #31

Web Platform release

We've finished the backend infrastructure to accept Bitcoin payments and we will release the Web Platform in the beginning on November. We will follow-up with the NGOs that we already have agreements in order to start posting real campaigns and raising money for the humanitarian causes.

Some small layout adjustments need to me made on Frontend but we're pretty much ready to release!

Future makers adjusted business model canvas

After some strategy and partnership adjustments, with the help of Strategyzer tools we're working on a new business model canvas that will help us navigate and stay flexible in the NGOs and cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Based on the new canvas we will create a well structured budget analysis, focusing on expenses and revenues, both from crypto and FIAT spaces.

Ask me anything

Considering that because of Marc's awesome job, we weren't very active on the telegram channel, if the community wants to hear more from us we will schedule a date for an AMA session.

We are grateful that Marc is present and active, acting as a communication bridge between us and the community.

Local community meeting

Next week we will organize a community meeting in our local city, Iasi, in which we will discuss and share knowledge about our experiences from different accelerators and mentorship programs (Future Makers, Vodafone Mentoria, Armenia Startup Summit, Creative Minds Academy).

Future Makers accelerators experience

As we previously mentioned, GoHelpFund is a finalist in "Future Makers" competition, which is oriented towards future trends and ideas. If you want to read more about the other teams, click HERE. Future makers is organized by Social Innovation Solutions and Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, supported by Coca Cola Foundation.

Pitching competition

On 27-28 November we will participate in the Grand Final of Future Makers competition, where we will Pitch our project in front of the jury and investors. We're hoping to get the big prize of $5000, connections and maybe some venture capital investment.

In discussions with another team member

We've had discussions with an experienced business developer who collaborated and had similar fundraising projects with several NGOs. He identified problems similar to the ones we did, focusing on the migration to online environments on how the NGOs raise money and communicate with donors.

We will have further discussions and see the best ways in which we can collaborate.

Weekly retrospective #31
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