Weekly retrospective #30

Startup School

In the last 8 weeks we've been part of an amazing online accelerator, called Startup School by YCombinator.We've learned a lot during these weeks, we've pitched our project, vision, goals and obstacles every week in front of new people. We've received valuable feedback and we've been introduced to people relevant in our field.

We also received a lot of valuable perks, like AWS cloud credits for 1 year and many other services. We still have 2 weeks to go and we hope to receive either the grant or the actual acceptance in YCombinator accelerator.

Future Makers

Future Makers accelerator gave us the opportunity to meet, connect and work together with a lot of fun and young NGO representatives.

We've also established connections and verbal partnerships with experiences mentors that are part of bigger NGOs (for example Coca Cola Foundation). They are looking forward for the live release in order to use the platform.

Business developers with experience in CSR campaigns provided us some good directions on how we can increase the social presence of corporations and different ways we can collaborate with them. Our plan is to create more contexts in which people can easily donate.



We've integrated Segment, a great analytics tool which will help us better understand our traction and how to retain users.

Competition coming soon

We are going to organize some cool competitions and airdrops very soon!


Weekly retrospective #30
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