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Weekly retrospective #29

Mentors and Board of Advisers

We've started the mentorship program we were talking about. It turned out to be very valuable, our mentor being an experience serial entrepreneur with lot of experience in Fin Tech.

Cosmin Cosma gave us some amazing ideas on how we can target CSR corporations and how to introduce more contexts in which people can donate to charities using our application, even in malls or coffee shops. More details will be provided in a separate article.

He suggested some people for our Board of Advisors, him being one of the interested ones. We already have advisors from different fields (blockchain, marketing, sales, business development, ngos etc) but we will soon make it official and present the board on our website.

Pecunia collaboration

We've had discussions with Pecunia's CEO and we've made a win-win partnership: we will add the logo of Pecunia and mention the fact that they are our official hosting server, and they will provide discounts for our users who host their masternodes there!

Looking for new team member

We continue to look for a new core member in order to complete our team. We need a person that has experience in collaboration with NGOs, raising money and creating partnerships. CSR campaigns experience would also be a big plus.

Please contact us or recommend people who would be interested at contact@gohelpfund.com or on telegram.

Meetings with NGOs

We're continuing to make verbal agreements with NGOs that will post their campaigns on our platform. We've received a lot of recommendation and people interested in joining, once we launch.

Future Makers Accelerator

We've recently attended the Legal workshop in Bucharest in which we've learned the best practices on handling GDPR. We also learned about cryptocurrency policies and regulations and how can we mitigate potential conflicts with a solid Terms and Conditions document.

We also created valuable connections with the other memebers of the community.


We're focusing more and more on integrate payments with Bitcoin. Even though we've encountered some problems, right now the solution is clear and we will implement the live version of Bitcoin donations in September!

We're also working on one of our core features, which is the communication channel between NGOs and donors, in which donors can subscribe in order to receive updates from charity causes.

Community management

We've had discussions with the community manager in which he presented different growth direction and promotion opportunities. We're grateful that we have community members that are so active and well intended, we will continue our collaboration.

We is a good and understanding manager, he does a great job considering that we can't always be active on chat. He is a great bridge between the community and the core team.

Weekly retrospective #29
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