Weekly retrospective #28

Sevan Startup Summit

This awesome opportunity provided us with the chance to have 1 on 1 mentorship sessions with amazing people: investors, entrepreneurs, academia members, business angels, vc funds managers and trainers.

We've received valuable feedback and clear directions to accelerate our business:

Vahe Kuzoyan - President & Co-Founder at ServiceTitan

We've had a ~ 30 minute mentorship program with the co-founder of the unicorn valuated at $1.65 Billion. He listened carefully and then he gave us concrete advices on how we can grow our business.

He pointed out the importance of testimonials from happy users (the NGOs we've helped), about the fact that the online giving market is limitless and it's going to keep growing and about asking help from an investor who's interested in NGOs and charity.

He gave us a lot of confidence and showed us how can we better connect the problem with the solution

Max Khattak - Business Advisor, Investor

Made us ask ourselves important questions and realize the fact the we need better knowledge about the international NGO environment.

Questions like: Why aren't NGOs transparent? Why do NGOs have overhead? What's the most transparent NGO, the gold standard? Why do NGOs fail to raise money? How many people wanted to invest with cryptocurrency but couldn't?

He suggested to study user retantion and the wait the lack of transparency reduces the number of recurrent donations.

Other investors and advisers like Victor Stephanopoli, Alberto Levy and others really like our project and gave us confidence. They suggested we should focus more on emotion, that the transparency problem is a real one, our solution makes sense and the market is very big, growing year after year. The main thing we need right now is another team member, with experience and expertise in humanitarian NGOs business world.

Looking for new team member

After we've received a lot of feedback from the summit, we decided we need to complete our team with a core member that has experience in collaboration with NGOs, raising money and creating partnerships.

Please contact us or recommend people who would be interested at contact@gohelpfund.com.

Promotion on Finexbox

We're being promoted on the first page of Finexbox, a Hong Kong based exchange that's recently been added to coinmarketcap. You can read more details about it here.

Weekly retrospective #28
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