Weekly Retrospective #24

Startup of the Year Nomination

We're grateful that out hard work and community engagement in Romania's business ecosystem has been noticed and appreciated. We've been nominalized for the Startup of the Year by a popular startup media from Romania.  More details HERE

Live Charity Event

We've made the deal and figured out the final details of the payment application for the Live Auction and Live Charity Ball.

An internation NGO is organizing this huge event. Last year, over $100.000 had been raised at this event. This will bring us great exposure and potential quality partnerships with local and international NGOs.

This week we will provide more details in a separate blog article.

Donate at live events feature

As we've previously mentioned, we're also working on a feature that handles donations for live events, updateing and displaying the raised amount in real time. We also provide easy onboarding, leaderboards of donors or companies, milestones and many more customizable features.

STEX trading competition

STEX trading competition is still on until May 30, so go to STEX, gain as much help as you can and win a part of the 200.000 HELP prize! More details HERE

MVP Release

After making some important layout improvements and bug fixes, we've entered the final testing stages.

We've also been planning a distribution &  marketing campaign, so we're looking forward to provide you early access to our platform in order to try it and give us feedback!

Weekly Retrospective #24
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