Weekly Retrospective #22

Follow up meetings

As we previously said in the last post, last week we've created valuable connections at Startup Alley event.

This week we've established meetings with national NGOs in order to better understand their needs, and we discovered some very useful contexts in which our platform could bring value, for example in live events. We will provide more details regarding this functionality very soon.

Back-end updates

Redesigned the user registration and authentication workflow based on OAuth2 best practices and simplified the creation and update of a resource.

Front-end updates

We continued the development of the beta fundraising platform, implementing the donation flow & updating the campaign details screens.


We're looking in ways to increase popularity and volume, researching various ways for trading or bounty competitions. We realize that right now our project is very underrated and since in the last few weeks we've been working really hard on platform development and NGO partnerships, we realize that we have to focus more on the cryptocurrency community.

Weekly Retrospective #22
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