Weekly Retrospective #21

Startup Alley

We've attended Startup Alley, the space and context to create valuable business connections with the right and like minded people. We've exhibited our project and received various feedback and ideas. More details will come soon in a separate blog article.

Experienced mentor

We've had the opportunity to present our pitch deck and discuss about our needs and problems with Oana, the president and co-founder of Romanian IT, a company that is supporting the Romanian tech & 
startup ecosystem worldwide.


We've presented our project, the identified problems, our solution, the product, our differentiators, the market, our team, our business model and received centralized feedback and collaboration opportunities.

Platform API

Migrated the development environment to a AWS RDS database and implemented further field validations and error handling on the API.

Feedback from NGOs

We're in active discussions with many NGOs and we received valuable insights about their problems, their needs and various ways in which we can HELP them raise more money and spend their time on things that really matter.

Weekly Retrospective #21
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