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Weekly Retrospective #19

We are happy to announce that our next exchange listing will be made public very soon, stay tuned.

We also have a lot of exciting updates that will happen before the end of 2018:

  • New whitepaper focused on business, financial and technical forecasts for the future
  • New roadmap describing our development and business strategies for 2019
  • New product driven website that will attract and retain more new visitors
  • Blockchain migration to A.D.E.N.
  • Token swap through an airdrop
  • Official release of Master nodes
  • more TBA

Considering the fact that we've allocated the bounty budget for 2018 in order to improve our marketing services, to receive funding, to get more exposure, which gave the project popularity, traction and market cap growth, we decided to reserve an extra bounty for 2019 which will be used on marketing, exchanges and community airdrops. After we’ve analysed future costs and growth requirements for 2019 and beyond, we’ve estimated that we need an extra 5M HELP for the bounty fund which will be retained from the unsold tokens, meaning the 22M HELP will be the final burned supply.
We consider this approach as the most efficient strategy to increase the community and provide continuous growth long term.

Weekly Retrospective #19
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