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Weekly Retrospective #17 and #18

Business Management 🛫

  • successfully listed in delta app (pending updates)
  • follow up with mentors and accelerators regarding the Startup Plus connections
  • started burning HELP tokens in phases, see the latest burn
  • contacted fundraising and blockchain specialists in order to follow up regarding the connections we’ve established at Startup Alley

Platform Development 🚢

  • enabled tracing and added log aggregation
  • added data-visualization that can show the flow of a request across multiple micro-services
  • implemented continuous delivery via TravisCI
  • added spring cloud stream for event processing (asynchronous communication with messaging) between the micro-services
  • implemented distributed caching
  • implemented the multi-level authentication and authorization layers
  • sensitive configuration variables are now being assigned from OS environment variables
  • the API endpoint is now https only
Weekly Retrospective #17 and #18
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