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Weekly Retrospective #16

Networking event ✔️

We have attended Startup Alley, a networking event where various startups as well as established companies gathered together. We had the opportunity to exhibit our company and receive feedback from visitors and mentors. (more details in the our blog post)

Entrepreneurship 👨‍🏫

Finished entrepreneurship courses and successfully passed the final exam, acquiring an official diploma by the national authority for certifications.

Platform business plan 💵

Finished and posted the business plan for a non-refundable non-equity financing competition.

Burn event 🔀

We've been added on coinmarketcal.com and acquired the "trusted badge", being able to manage events on the coinmarketcal page.

Finalized the final details regarding the first phase of the token burn which will take place before 1 November.

Weekly Retrospective #16
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