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Weekly Retrospective #14 and #15


Worked on the specialized business plan for an acceleration competition that could get us €40K non-equity financing.

CoinMarketCap listing ✔️

We have been listed on CoinMarketCap.com and you can read the details in the following blog article: https://blog.gohelpfund.com/coinmarketcap-we-have-been-listed/

We have increasted our activity on various crypto related gropus in order to make most of the CoinMarketCap listing.

User onboarding 📱

Worked on implementing best practices for user onboarding flows.

Internal presentation 👨‍🏫

Vlad held an internal presentation about critical thinking, reason and logical fallacies in order to allow us to make the best decisions regarding UI/UX and business domain, taking into consideration user behavior and human nature.

Transparency🔎 and Agility🔀

We have polished the github repositories and continued refining agile processes and internal retrospectives.

New presentation website 💻✅

Continued working on the new presentation website.

Weekly Retrospective #14 and #15
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