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Weekly Retrospective #12 and #13


Attended specialization courses and signed up in a startup competition with our business plan in order to get government non-equity financing

Research: User Interface & User Experience👩🏽‍💻

Vlad concluded his research onto UI/UX with a internal presentation and a related a blog article.

Partnership negotiations⚖️

We are currently are in a on-going process of establishing partnerships based on our experience gained.


On-going negotiations with various centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Work management framework📆

We have adapted a new framework with the foundation on Scrum and practices built on-top from Kanban.

Work management tool📈

As we are adopting this new framework that embraces our startup environment (platform development and business management), we endorsed the tool that best suits our needs: Jira

Platform on-boarding📸

A series of presentations regarding on-boarding best practices to be used in our platform.

Platform development✔️

Implemented A/B testing, resiliency patterns(client-side load balancing, circuit breakers, fallbacks, bulkheads) and a gateway(reverse proxy) for microservices.

Weekly Retrospective #12 and #13
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