Weekly announcement #26

New exchange

We've made a deal with a new exchange with huge growth potential, purchasing the full package, including advertising benefits and trading competitions. We're confident that this will provide exposure to new markets and new supporters!

You can start trading on the new exchange this month!

STEX Trading Competition

We would like to thank all participants that took place in the trading competition from STEX. We're still waiting for the official results from STEX representatives, but we're confident we will distribute the prize this week.

Beta Version release

We've made the official release of our Beta Version. We would appreciate if you could check it at beta.gohelpfund.com and tell us what you think about it. You can check this article for more details.

We're constantly working on adding features, but it would be great to hear what would be more important to you!

Right now we're also improving some UI components, the objective being to create a differentiator by implementing modern and fancy user interfaces. For example, right now we're focusing on making the transaction proof that uses blockchain  more user friendly.

The expenses description section is also a very important one, as we're providing concrete action items on how the donated money are spent.

New releases and updates coming very soon!

Mentorship program

As mentioned in this article, we have won a competition for young social entrepreneurs that provided us access to a huge ecosystem of successful serial entrepreneurs.

We will have 1 year of free mentorship with one of the most influential business figures from Romania.

Advisors from different fields

We're in discussions to grow our team with advisors from different fields: business strategy, sales, non-governmental organizations, humanitarian fundraisers, academia, blockchain and more.

We will provide more details about those collaborations soon.

Weekly announcement #26
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