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Release #1

The product is the main engine of our business, it's our number 1 focus and priority.

Considering the importance of having a high quality product that users enjoy and find useful, we decided to continuously search for the best practices in UI, UX, Architecture and Server-Client communication. We also consider vital to our product that we have an incremental approach in which feedback loops are highly important. Our main goal is to build something people want, and in order to achieve that we decided to make incremental releases with small but well designed features.

The objective is to receive feedback, analyze user engagement and make rational decisions regarding the needed adjustments. One concrete example of those best practices put in action was the decision we took for uploading images. After unbiased research and live discussions, we decided to use the S3 Bucket image upload using AWS directly from the client, increasing the upload speed by 2x but at the same time staying secure. The solution to upload one or more images directly in the cloud provided us the possibility to remove an intermediary step, which was the server upload.

Another example of our will to build the best Humanitarian Fundraising App was the decision for the "Create Campaign" flow. After analyzing several of the Top Applications of 2018, we decided to split the creation flow into several small steps, using a simple and intuitive minimalistic flow with some elegant animations. This provides users an immersive yet fast experience when creating campaigns. We've also decided to use a media upload flow very similar to Instagram, considering that most users are already used to the instagram UI/UX patterns.

In our first release, we also managed to wrap up  the categories screen (which uses an impactful visual design), the "Campaign List" and "Campaign Details" functionalities.

We decided to use Apple's Test Flight service for beta testing deployment for several reasons: the smooth native integration with the development environment (Xcode, Certificates & Provisioning Profiles), the multi-layer testing hierarchy (internal Itunesconnect users & external testers) and the intuitive native application Test Flight application from which you can install and test Go Help Fund.

Release #1
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