Q2 Retrospective

Q2 was an amazing period for our project. We've mainly focused on our product and on different ways to create value, in order to gain organic and sustainable growth.

We've had very productive discussions and made great deals with NGOs, one of them being Bethany Foundation. We've partnered with them for a big live charitable event in which over €120.000 have been raised with GoHelpFund app for live events.

Our energy was directed towards the two most important aspects of every business: building the product and talking to customers. We have listened to clients and investors from both cryptocurrency and humanitarian ecosystems, managing to:

We have analyzed all items from Q2 Roadmap and decided that the best thing for our clients and collaborators is to remain flexible. In order to refine the value proposition for NGOs and social responsible companies we decided that in this phase we can validate our presumptions with the Web application that is also optimized for Mobile usage. The native iOS application will obviously still be released, but right now we're trying to make the most of the web and mobile-web applications.

Hearing about the importance of simple but beautiful UI & UX, we focused on making this aspect of our platform a competitive differentiator. We've also made demo videos in order to receive feedback about the design adjustments.

It's very important that NGOs or other campaign creators are able to raise money for their causes in a very simple, fast and user friendly manner. This is why we polished the campaign creation flow in order to look like this:

Even though we did not make a Q & A video, we've answered every question or inquiry from our community. If a video would still be relevant for our supporters, we could definitely collect a list of questions and discuss about them. We've recently started a podcast outside work, so we already have the setup.

Until we launch the live version of the platform, we consider that the fundraising aggregator, which is the main product, is the priority. This is why we considered that for now, the current MasterNode structure solves most of user's needs. Entity Nodes and IPV6 support will still be implemented, but building the product, getting new supporters from cryptocurrency space and talking to clients is our main focus.

Besides respecting the main lines from Q2 Roadmap, we had a lot of extra achievements and we followed new opportunities. We've followed a model that Jeff Bezos was talking about in a recent interview:

People who end up being right a lot often change their minds along the way in getting to that right answer. They do so because they get and accept new information, they revisit their understanding and knowledge, they find holes in their own proposed solutions, and stay open to new ideas and contradictions and to those who challenge their viewpoint.

In a startup like ours, which has a strong blockchain and cryptocurrency component but also interacts with NGOs and socially responsible company, it's essential to keep a flexible mindset!

Using that mindset, in the last quarter we have managed to:

We're happy that we've managed to respect our commitments but also remain opened to new opportunities. We're very confident that Q3 will be huge for GoHelpFund. Besides the product and the clients, the focus will be on growing our popularity in the cryptocurrency space and make the most of the 2019 Bull Run.

Next week we will provide more details about the concrete plans from Q3 Roadmap!

Q2 Retrospective
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