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Our first exchange — Mercatox

Dear community,

In  the past month we have been researching and discussing with various  exchanges and reached a consensus. We have taken multiple factors in  consideration such as experience based on the history and running time,  reputation, great community with a lot of active members, chatbox, and  last but not least a lot of potential to grow (UI/UX and more).

Secondly,  due to the fact that is in the CoinMarketCap’s Top 100 Exchanges and it  has a real volume and most relevant for us for the new coins/tokens  added.


Meanwhile,  we have decided to create an weekly announcement(each Friday) with all  the progress made during our sprints using the Agile methodology (Scrum  in our case), among other updates.

Thank you,

GoHelpFund Team

Our first exchange — Mercatox
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