New Blockchain - A.D.E.N. (1/2)

Dear community,

We have been a member of the Ethereum ERC20 family for almost a year, but it's time to move out of the house. Although we have been paying rent with ETH via 'gas' for transactions, we will be moving to our own house so all transactions will be paid with HELP.

After studying the open-source ecosystem and filtering by various options such as type of consensus, battle-proofed blockchain, developer community, wallet and other related apps/programs, we have decided to fork an existing code base and adapt it to our needs and develop it furthermore.

The code base is Dash and we will be releasing technical details in the part 2 of this article.

We will be releasing progressively all native wallets and 3rd party applications developed under the Dash ecosystem to support the HELP coin under the new A.D.E.N. blockchain.

Regarding the genesis block, we will be announcing the go-live of the new network and a net-swap tokens functionality in a new article by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the in-depth part 2 on the new blockchain coming up next week, and come back tomorrow for the part 1 article on Master Nodes.

New Blockchain - A.D.E.N. (1/2)
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