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Beta Version Release

We're happy to announce that we've managed to integrate our own blockchain solution in GoHelpFund Beta Version.

The payment infrastructure is built upon HELP blockchain and right now, you can donate to a humanitarian cause using HELP and track the transaction on the Blockchain Explorer.

When you create an account, it will be automatically populated with 10 HELP. That amount can be donated to any humanitarian cause from the list. It's important to mention that for now, these campaigns are made for validating our concept, even if they can be created by our real NGO partners. You will be able to support real humanitarian causes in very short time!

You can see that the money goes exactly to the specific campaign you've donated by using the transaction tab on a humanitarian cause (campaign).

We're already in advanced discussions with payment processors and we will introduce card payments, sms payments and recurring payments.

After using the platform, we would highly appreciated if you tell us about your experience using GoHelpFund platform HERE.  

Your oppinion and feedback is essential for us, we want to build the best products using your HELP!

Beta Version Release
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