Migration details and FAQ

Last quarter of 2018 was really productive and satisfying for us, we had a lot of commitments and also a lot of new opportunities.

We've managed to become more and more popular, increasing our community with quality and active members. Because the growth was organic, it's also sustainable and it's formed by real supporters!

We're truly grateful that our work has gathered like minded people. Besides the new whitepaper, coinburn, new listings, new website and partnerships, we've focused our attention on the non-refundable European Union financing programs and successfully winning a competition with our business plan!

However, we wanted to respect all our commitments so we also release the migration process, even if the timeline was pretty tight. In order to fully present the process, we decided to provide instructions based on your particular case. We thought it's easier with concrete examples.

So, if you...

1. Have HELP tokens on Mercatox or Stex:

There's nothing you need to do from your side, us and the exchanges will handle everything. We haven't yet received a clear timeline from Mercatox and Stex regarding when it's going to happen, but we're in discussions with them and everything it's taken care of.

2. Have HELP tokens in a wallet (any kind of wallet, just NOT on the exchange):

You will have to use our migration dashboard. The process is simple, you just have go to https://tokenswap.gohelpfund.com and Login.

After you login, an address where you must deposit your HELP tokens is generated. The public address (public key) of your new HELP coin will be provided in that dashboard. You will also be provided with a private key, which is the way you can access your wallet.

We will make an announcement when the new addresses for HELP coin are displayed in dashboard, containing your new HELP coins.

General informations:

We will also release a Desktop Wallet, where you will be able see and use your new coins.

Q & A

1. Are the Exchanges doing the swap automatically, or we must do it manually?

The exchanges will handle the swap.

2. Just sent my tokens, how long does it take before I can see it in the portal?

You will be able to see it in the following weeks, will make an announcement when they're transferred.

3.  Do we know how long that will take? / how do we then start making building the masternodes from that?

Details regarding the masternodes setup and how to use them in the context of the new coins are coming this week.

4. When is the deadline for token swap?

End of January 2019.

5. Does transferring from multiple addresses poise any problems.

No problems.

6. When do masternodes launch?

End of February 2019.

7. So we can buy and the exchange swaps will follow later?

Yes, you can still trade HELP as before.

8. Can we swap our token from mercatox directly to the swap address?

If your tokens are on mercatox, you don't need to manually swap them.

9. When will I get the new coins?

You will see your coin address and private key in dashboard in the following weeks, and you will be able to use them with the Desktop wallet that we'll release this month.

10. If I leave my coins on stex will they autoswap?


11. I sent HELP to the token swap address. Now just wait? Or will I get new HELP immediately?

You have to wait a bit until you'll receive the new tokens, we will announce when they're displayed in dashboard.

12. Looks like it might be up to a month?  Can you clarify how long the coins are locked for.

The coins are not locked, you can still trade the "old" help tokens, but the migration process where you receive the new coins will end in March.

13. Because in the portal step 1, it says you will receive an address and key, but no time frame, nor the way you will receive it.

The timeframe is March 2018, and the way you'll receive it is through the dashboard: the address and private key will be displayed there, and you can use them with our desktop wallet which will also be released in January.

14.  Is HELP asking us to use some kind of web-based wallet with the new coins?

No, we will also release a Desktop wallet for our new HELP coins.

15. However, there needs to be a LOT of explanation about how nodes will work with the set up they're proposing and why a desktop wallet is not being offered.

A desktop wallet will be provided very soon, also more details about how the nodes will work.

16. Does GoHelpFund have a plan to release a desktop wallet for their coin?

Yes, we will release a desktop wallet.

17. So how to swap if you have HELP on ledger?

You can use the steps provided above, just visit https://tokenswap.gohelpfund.com

18. When is the deadline for the swap? And the coins on Mercatox, if we purchase more, do those also need to be swapper or are they already the new ones?

If you have your coins on Mercatox (or other exchange) and purchase more, the exchange will handle it. So you can trade HELP right now with no problems.

Migration details and FAQ
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