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Mentorship and business consulting

We want to show our appreciation and express our gratitude to the European Union Startup Acceleration competition that we have recently won. Besides the €40.000 budget allocated for marketing, company management (legal, operational, accounting etc), cloud infrastructure and payment processing, we've also received access to an extremely valuable mentorship and consultancy program.

We have been assigned to an experienced mentor, which helps us in various business areas. Her name is Andreea, she has over 10 years of experience in managing and consulting different businesses, and in the last 7 years she's been playing a major role in a well reputed company from Iasi.

Her major area of expertise includes business consulting, sales management and product ownership. She focuses a lot on client needs, identifying their problems and provide professional, analyzed and structured solutions.

During our first sessions, she deeply understood our business by analyzing our business plan, asking relevant questions, processing our team profile and understanding our personality and motivation. She's been happy to bring her contribution to an ambitious project that will help many people in need by providing a humanitarian fundraising and NGO management platform focused on transparency, efficiency and user satisfaction. We appreciated that she was glad to make the world a better place by improving the fundraising processes in the European Union and even Worldwide, her ideas moulding the future of how people in need are helped.

Together, we've made a step by step plan with concrete work items needed in order to have a successful platform release, including NGO relationships, focusing on User Persona and Target Market, focusing on differentiators, contacting companies that will benefit from making donations, establishing workflows for Donor - NGO - Beneficiary connections, creating value propositions, polishing the final user stories for MVP, contacting influencers and public figures. Her pragmatic and smart approaches helped us to organize our tasks more efficiently and her emotional intelligence provided us with great insights on establishing relationship with various entities, like NGOs and business companies.

After discussing with her and presenting many of our various ideas for the project, we were happy to see that she resonated with our vision. She gave us even more confidence in our platform, confirming some of the established monetization methods and also providing new perspectives and funnels. We are on the same wavelength when it comes to growing our business by helping more people and NGOs.

In conclusion, we see that an experience business specialist was the missing piece from our project, and now we're even more confident that will project will continue to rise and become very successful!

More details about our sessions will come soon!

Mentorship and business consulting
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