HELP + STEX Trading Competition

As previously promissed, we will organize our first trading competition, in collaboration STEX Exchange.


The Trading Contest will run for two weeks, from:

16 May 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8) to 30 May 2019, 3 PM (GMT +8)

Trading Contest Details

Users will be ranked in terms of the Highest Gain (total amount of HELP Coins Earned) by trading on HELP/BTC and HELP/ETH trading pairs during the contest period.

Note: Initial Balance and Deposit are not included.

For example, you have 1000 HELP Coins initially. By the end of the trading contest, you have 2000 HELP Coins in total. Effectively, you have gained 1000 HELP Coins.

We will calculate the gain based on the formula below:

Final Balance (HELP Coins) — Initial Balance (HELP Coins) — Deposits (HELP Coins) = GAIN

Prize structure (200.000 HELP total prize fund)

1. 50.000 HELP
2. 32.000 HELP
3. 16.000 HELP
4. 10.000 HELP
5-9. 6.000 HELP
10-19. 4.000 HELP
20-30. 2.000 HELP

In order to incentives both big and small traders, we decided to award the top 30 traders.

HELP + STEX Trading Competition
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