HELP Coin technical details

In the context of migrating our ERC20 Ethereum based token to a Dash based coin, we would like to present the relevant coin details:

Block time: 120s

Algorithm: X11

Total Block Reward: 12.500.000 Help (5.625.000 masternodes +  5.625.000 Pow + 1.125.000 Foundation), reducing by 7% annually

Masternodes reward: 45% of block

POW reward: 45% of block

Masternode Collateral: 2,500 HELP

Entity Masternode Collateral: 25,000 HELP

Difficulty Retargeting: Every block

Difficulty Retargeting algorithm: DarkGravityWave

Block reward: 4 HELP

Estimated mining period: 25 years

Difficulty: 22,500

Estimated mining profitability per hour: 45% * $0.1 = $0.045

Estimated mining profitability per day: $1,08

The profitability estimations are based on:

Hash rate: 65,000

Power: 1500 WATS

Power cost: 0.1$/kWh

HELP Coin technical details
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