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Happy Holidays!

We would like to announce you that between Saturday, 27 April and Tuesday, 30 April we will be out of office.

Meanwhile, we are happy to share that we've been making very good progress on both development and business side.

MVP Release

The web application MVP can be tested starting at the beginning of May! You can create campaigns, play with the application and donate using HELP token and the new blockchain based payment infrastructure.

Business Partnerships

We've made a deal with a big NGO from Romania in order to provide the payment infrastructure at a glamorous charity ball. We will handle the auction and live donations. More details will be provided soon, in a separate article.

EU Grants

We've had several discussions with business consultants and we found great opportunities for financing, proving that our technology inovation idea is validated.

Validated Learning

We've been making several proposals to NGOs and we know have a clearer picture about what their needs are and how can we bring value to them. We've discovered several features that can bring more money to NGOs.

Trading competitions

We have decided to create trading competitions in collaboration with the exchanges. Stay tuned for details regarding the competition structure and prizes.

Happy Holidays!
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