Blockchain Summit experience

Blockchain summit was a grandiose event, considering both the location and the attendees.

We've had the opportunity to connect with professionals from different fields and discuss about potential collaborations.

Day 1

In the first day, we've displayed our banners in the Expo Area, where we had the chance to discuss with other blockchain projects. One of them was Core Token, a very solid project which offers blockchain services and has a lot of reputable partners. They suggested we could integrate smart contracts in our own blockchain, providing us with some very cool use cases that we'll describe in future articles. Most important, they will put us in contact with the some of the biggest humanitarian NGOs, like UNESCO.

We've also connected with experts from marketing, fundraising, investment, business development, NGOs and of course, blockchain.

One of the speakers was Alexandru Petrescu, Romanian Minister of Communications and Information Society, who said he's working on a policy to regulate the Romania Blockchain Ecosystem. He's communicating with the active blockchain companies from Romania, planning to create a great environment for local and international blockchain companies.

Having support from the Government is a huge step for the future growth of blockchain companies from Romania!

Day 2

The second day was the pitching day, in which we've presented our 3 minute pitch to a jury formed by successful entrepreneurs and investors. The pitch went great and after another 5 minutes of answering the jury's questions, some private investors came to us for further discussions. We've managed to attract the curiosity of the audience, because after the pitch we've had a lot of interesting and deep discussions regarding our business model and the usage of technology.

Even though we did not win the pitching competition, the fact that we've been able to present our idea in front of blockchain and business experts provided us with a lot of valuable feedback and potential partnerships. This week we will follow up with those connections and move forward with our collaborations.

In conclusion, we're thrilled that we've had the opportunity to exhibit our project and pitch our concepts! We will be more and more active in the international blockchain community, planning to participate at more conferences.

Blockchain Summit experience
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