Future Makers retrospective

Future Makers is a Romanian startup accelerator, focused on future trends, technologies and mentalities. During several months, they organize workshops and presentations on several topics: Design thinking, Validate your idea, Sales, Legal, Financials, Social media, Marketing, Building teams and more.

The sessions could be attended live, in Bucharest, but also online using a livestream. They encouraged teams to participate by coming to Bucharest, in order to better communicate with the speakers and the other participants. They provided payments for transportation and accommodation for one team member. We've attended a few live sessions, but the online ones were also useful

The 3 day bootcamp was the peak of the accelerator. It was a great opportunity for team building, sharing knowledge and creating valuable connections. It was intense, lot's of activities, but at the same time, not very stressful.

In the first day, a very useful exercise helped us to understand how to help each other, what are the main skills and what are our needs. After that, a fun video recording made us build something in teams, and that bonded each other. We collaborated in order to create something fun and cool, even if it wasn't necessarily relevant to our businesses.

The next day we've done some pitch practice exercises and attend workshops about growth mindset (use case comparison with fixed mindset, examples of Henry Ford's growth and other good/bad examples), how to scale (ways in which your costs don't increase proportionally to your revenues, ways in which the revenues can grow a lot, without additional costs).

A very useful exercise helped us think about what do we need from a partner/co-founder. This was important to us because we're considering expanding our team. After we've created a list of questions, we did a role-play practice, trying to recruit and then to asses potential team members.

We also recorded a video for the popularity competition, but we decided that we won't promote that video, that it's better to focus our energy on business side and the final pitch competition. You can side our video HERE.

The most important thing from this accelerator is that we've created connections and we got known in the humanitarian NGOs ecosystem. Important NGOs found out about us, about what we do and showed interest in partnerships.

We would like to reminder you that GoHelpFund is a finalist in "Future Makers" competition, which is oriented towards future trends and ideas. If you want to read more about the other teams, click HERE. Future makers is organized by Social Innovation Solutions and Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, supported by Coca Cola Foundation.

We will have the final pitch Future Summit 2019, where we hope to get the big prize of 5000 euro!

Future Makers retrospective
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