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End of 2018

End of 2018 brought us great news, the results of the business plan competition for EU funding have arrived.

Lately, we focused a lot on ways to make our business stronger, sustainable, having the long term plan in our vision. This is why we thought it's vital to attract financing for our project.

After many rounds of reviews, adjustments and interviews, we've received the confirmation that we won 28.000 Euro non-equity non-refundable financing from European Union. We're really happy that our idea has been validated by accredited reviewers, believing in our innovative concepts and strategies for the future. One of the main rules of this program is that the business will run for at least 3 years, so we're gonna stay in the blockchain humanitarian fundraising business for a while.

We're also confident that we will attract more investments that will accelerate our business and open new markets for us, creating opportunities to become more popular by investing more in marketing and other business areas!

If you're looking for a long term investment, we can guarantee that our business will continue in the following years, becoming stronger and attracting more and more supporters!

We had an incredibly busy end of 2018, but we're happy that we've reached this important milestone that will exponentially increase our growth in 2019. Besides that, we will also release the Migration Infrastructure this year. We're be deploying a dashboard where you can swap your current HELP tokens for new HELP coin.

Whitepaper 2.0 will also be release this year, being followed by a purely technical whitepaper in Q1 2019.

End of 2018
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