Blockchain release!

We are really happy to announce that after significant effort we have release the new version of the blockchain! We have generated the wallet addresses and made the repository public.

You can see your public wallet address and it's associated private key when you login on Dashboard. After you download your wallet (links for all operating systems bellow), you can enter the provided data by going to wallet's console and typing importprivkey in order to access you HELP coins!

We've made deals with both STEX and Mercatox exchanges and they will make the swap automatically very soon! The explorer will also be released soon.

We will soon provide details regarding masternodes hosting & aggregators!

Meanwhile, you can download the wallet and check all details regarding blockchain components:

How to start your Masternode - step by step

Download wallet

Coin technical details

New Blockchain - A.D.E.N.

New Blockchain - Mining

New Blockchain - Masternodes

Migration details and FAQ

Blockchain release!
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